Dr S Sundar is a Consultant Clinical Oncologist with expertise in

  • specialist treatment of urological cancers  such as Prostate cancer, Bladder cancer & Kidney cancer,
  • specialist treatment of gynaecological cancers such as Ovarian cancer, Uterine cancer (endometrial cancer) & Vulval cancer, and
  • general management of all common cancers.

Dr Sundar obtained his ESMO European Certificate in Medical Oncology  in 2002 and MSc (Oncology) from University of Nottingham in 2001. He gained the Fellowship of Royal College of Radiologists (FRCR) in 2001 & Membership of Royal College of Physicians (MRCP) in 1997. He passed the United Kingdom General Medical Council exams (PLAB) in 1996 and United States Medical Licensure exams (USLME) in 1995.

Dr Sundar’s private Oncology practice is based at the Nottingham’s premier private Hospitals.

To book an appointment, please contact:
Jo MOSBY (BMI Park Hospital) Tel: 0115 966 2047
Laura SAXTON (Spire Hospital) Tel: 0115 937 7686

Successful cancer treatment needs a very good oncology team. Our dedicated team of highly experienced nurses, pharmacists, expert physicists and radiographers have many years of knowledge between them and use the latest technology to manage your treatment in the best possible way.

We provide innovative and personalised care. We provide high quality care in a welcoming and friendly environment.

We accept patients registered with all insurers. We also welcome patients paying for their own treatment. We are happy to see patients for private follow-up consultation only at the private hospital (with relevant blood tests done at GP surgery if appropriate).

We offer the latest and best cancer treatments including Targeted therapy, Precision Radiotherapy as well as the established conventional cancer treatments.

  • Immunotherapy (eg Anti PD-1 agents)
  • Anti-angiogenic therapy (eg anti VEGF antibody)
  • Molecular targeted therapy (e.g Tyrosine Kinase inhibitors, m-TOR inhibitors)
  • Bone targeted agents,(eg RANKL inhibitor)
  • Radionuclide therapy (eg Radium isotope 223)
  • Novel Hormonal agents (eg Receptor targeted therapy – AR antagonists)
  • IMRT ( Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy)
  • IGRT ( Image Guided Radiotherapy)
  • Radio-sensitising Chemotherapy
  • Concurrent and Sequential Chemo-Radiation
  • Conventional chemotherapy (eg Platinum’s, Topo inhibitors, Vinca’s, Taxanes)

Dr Sundar is an excellent scholar with a gentle and humble personality. Dr Sundar is very approachable and excellent at making you feel at ease during your difficult journey. Dr Sundar always welcome questions from you, answering them with honesty and openness.

To read more about Dr Sundar’s qualifications, academic work and research publications and presentations, please click the menu above.

Referrals: We usually need a letter of referral from your GP. In cases of immediate and urgent clinical need, we can see patients immediately without a referral letter but we would usually inform your GP later about the consultation.